Terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they set out the terms under which Twisted Twine Designs Ltd makes the products and services available to you (“Product Terms”). You must read and agree with these terms and conditions before placing an order. When buying goods, you enter an agreement with Twisted Twine Designs Ltd. By accepting the Contract, you are confirming that you are a Consumer. The provisions of the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are expressly excluded from the Contract so that no third party may claim any rights under this contract.

  1. Your order for the goods and services

1.a) Initial consultations will be free of charge and will be held under a no-obligation basis.

1.b) The Order shall be detailed on a quote attached/emailed to these conditions. Quotes are valid for 60 days from the date of issue.                             

1.c) The consumer warrants the right to contract Twisted Twine Designs ltd to supply the Goods and Services at the premises where they are to be delivered to and (if) installed; and will supply Twisted Twine Designs ltd with such information, rights of access, and mains electricity that may reasonably be required in order to deliver the Goods and perform the Services and/or check the Goods and their installation.            

1.d) Whilst every attempt will be made by Twisted Twine Designs Ltd to ensure that the goods sold and delivered match in every respect to any sample or description shown or sent to the consumer, any minor or immaterial variation, change in colour or pattern between the sample or description and the goods delivered shall not entitle the consumer to reject the goods nor to claim any compensation for such variation or change.

1.e) If the consumer provides the required measurements, then all items subsequently made will be done so in accordance. Twisted Twine Designs Ltd can take no responsibility for any mistakes arising from inaccurate measuring by the consumer. Such errors may be rectified but will thus be an additional cost to the consumer. If the consumer is unsure of how to measure, they should seek advice before placing an order. A measuring service can be provided. Twisted Twine Designs Ltd cannot accept returns or refunds if the consumer has given incorrect measurements.

1.f) Completion dates are estimates and will be given at the time of ordering. Whilst every effort is made for the consumers items to be completed by the date provided, delays can occur. Twisted Twine Designs Ltd are not responsible for delays outside their control. If these delays occur, the consumer will be contacted as soon as possible. If the delay is more than four weeks from the suggested completion date a refund can be offered or an alternative can be suggested.

  1. Fabrics and care

2.a) If material is supplied by the consumer, Twisted Twine Designs Ltd cannot be responsible for flaws, faults or inconsistency of patterns. Where possible work will still commence around such problems, but extra work or fabric required to do so will be paid for by the consumer. Fabrics should be clearly marked with the right/wrong side and pattern direction. A surcharge may be added where many small pieces are supplied from which to make an item.                                                                                                                             

2.b) All fabrics should be handled with care. Advice for their suitability for washing/dry cleaning can be sought from the fabric supplier.           

2.c) When a combination of fabrics is to be used (for example lined curtains, or trimmings have been applied) rates of shrinkage between fabrics may differ causing the item in question to be pulled out of shape.                                                                                                          

2.d) Twisted Twine Designs Ltd suggests that all fabrics be treated as dry cleaning only unless otherwise stated and can take no responsibility for any damage caused to items due to cleaning.                                                                                                      

2.e) In cases where interlining has been used, dry cleaning is not recommended. Gentle vacuuming is suggested.                                  

2.f) Twisted Twine Designs Ltd takes no responsibility for fabric behavior once within its intended destination. Any shrinkage, misshaping, discoloration, or any other change due to high humidity, inadequate ventilation, insect infestation, improper cleaning, mishandling, exposure to water or sunlight or any other improper use and wear and tear will not be the fault of Twisted Twine Designs Ltd.                          

2.g) Most fabrics are dyed and therefore each batch can vary slightly in shade. Due to colour variations between product batches Twisted Twine Designs Ltd cannot guarantee shade matching from previous orders, in addition the sample dispatched to the consumer may also be slightly different in shade to the eventual order received. Due to the print design of some pattern fabrics, samples dispatched may not show the full range of colours or pattern design. If the consumer is in any doubt as to the precise nature of the fabric, they are advised to call for further advice. This will not give the consumer the right to return the goods if these variations occur.

3) Delivery and Installation

3.a) When the consumers products are ready, they will be contacted to arrange delivery or Installation.                                                    

3.b) If Twisted Twine Designs Ltd have been directed by the consumer to install their fixtures, the consumer is to make sure removal of furniture, ornaments, and/or other objects in the immediate working area before the fitter arrives. Twisted Twine Designs Ltd will not be responsible for moving any furniture that obstructs installation from being carried out. A delay in doing so may result of goods not being installed on the agreed day. An additional charge will incur if installation needs to be re-arranged.

3.c) Access to the property should be available at the time and date agreed, failure to do so will result in a charge to re-arrange installation.

3.d) All our installation complies with the child safety regulations. If the consumer declines fitting of any child safety devices, Twisted Twine Designs Ltd will refuse to install the goods. In such instance, the consumer will be liable to pay us the price under the contract. If child safety devices are removed after installation Twisted Twine Designs Ltd will not take responsibility for injury or fatality suffered as a result.                                                                                                                                                                                  

3.e) The consumer will agree to not use the refusal to install the goods for the reason set out in clause 3.d above as a fundamental or any breach of the contract to take delivery of the goods.

  1. Price and payment

4.a) The price for the Goods and Services is stated on the quotation. The consumer will receive an email of confirmation of the total price shown, this is the price the consumer will pay. On receipt of confirmation the consumer must check to ensure they are completely happy with the price of the goods ordered.                                                                                                                                           

4.b) A non-returnable deposit will be required equaling that of the cost of materials to be purchased for the work. Unless such deposit is received, the work cannot proceed. Clearance of funds will be required before any purchases are made. When the consumer has paid the deposit that’s requested, they are excepting these terms and condition and wish to proceed with the order.                                             

4.c) Final payment needs to be made within 5days after any goods are released to the consumer (i.e.) delivered or installed.                  

4.d) Late fees will occur if final payment isn’t settled within the due date. A rate of 5% interest will be added to the total balance outstanding, this shall accrue daily starting from the due date until payment is made.                                                                             

4.e) The property and ownership of the goods does not pass to the buyer until paid for in full.

  1. Defective and damaged goods

All Twisted Twine Designs ltd products are rigorously quality checked before released to the consumer but in the unlikely event that a damaged item is received by the consumer, Twisted Twine Designs ltd must be informed by either e-mail info@twistedtwinedesigns.co.uk or contacted on 01634 684091. The consumer has 7 days following receipt of goods to report any damaged or defective items due to manufacturing, or damage caused while being in the delivery process. If goods are installed by Twisted Twine Designs ltd, the consumer must ensure they are happy with the product installed before the fitter leaves the job. Twisted Twine Designs ltd will deal with queries promptly and if necessary, arrange for a replacement to be sent. Twisted Twine Designs Ltd reserve the right to ask for digital pictures with regards to the issues reported or to ask for the product to be returned for inspection.

  1. Guarantee                                                                                                       

Twisted Twine Designs ltd offer a 12month manufacturers guarantee on manufacturing faults. The breadth and duration of the guarantee may exceptionally differ by agreed alternative arrangement. Twisted Twine Designs ltd reserve the right to either replace or repair the product and may be necessary for the goods to be returned for inspection prior to a replacement product being dispatched.

  1. Cancellation or amendments  

7.a) Made to measure products are custom made to the consumers precise requirements, including cushions and tiebacks. Once made the products are suitable only to that consumer and therefore cannot be cancelled or returned. It is extremely important that the consumer is sure about the product they are purchasing, and the size required. Twisted Twine Designs ltd cannot be held responsible if the consumer dislikes the colour or the general quality of the product.                                                                                                                               

7.b) According to The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, made to measure goods, e.g., curtains are excluded from this legislation and the 7day cancellation rights do not apply.  

7.c) Cancellations may be possible and a refund may be issued if products or parts of them have not been made/ordered. If the goods have already been made/ordered a refund cannot be offered. The consumer should contact Twisted Twine Designs ltd as soon as possible if they wish to cancel or change an order, the production status will then be checked.                                                                                           

7.d) All fabrics are cut by highly skilled professionals and will make as accurate as possible, but a small degree of tolerance will be necessary, that will not affect the use of the finished goods and will not entitle the consumer to reject the goods on these grounds. Allowance excepted will be -5mm/ +5mm on the measurements of the finished product.                                                                           

7.e) Twisted Twine Design ltd have the right to cancel the consumers order if:            

1) There is Insufficient stock to make and deliver the goods ordered.

2) The consumer has ordered from an island or country where Twisted Twine Designs ltd does not deliver/install.

3) The goods ordered unbeknown to Twisted Twine Designs ltd have been discontinued between quotation acceptance and purchasing materials. If for any reason beyond Twisted Twine Designs ltd control that a particular item cannot be supplied, the consumer will be notified as soon as possible. No discounts or compensation can be offered under these unforeseen circumstances. Any monies received with respect to such an order will be refunded.

4) The consumer, within reasonable time, does not allow goods to be delivered or grant Twisted Twine Designs ltd access to the premises to supply the goods.